Healthy Eating on the Road

Meal in a Jar is all about making good food accessible wherever you may be. If you’re a customer, you’ve probably eaten our jars at work, at home, and maybe even at a friend’s house...but have you ever taken them on the road? It may not be the first use that comes to mind, but it makes perfect sense. Save money, save calories, and fill your belly with delicious, REAL food instead of on-the-go garbage. It’s easy and it’s awesome. Here are four ways Meal in a Jar can take your travel up a notch.

Road Trip

Road trips are quintessential summer. Grab a map, pick a destination, hop in the car and live on take-out for a week or two. You’ll have a super fun time, but your stomach may not forgive you. Instead of punishing yourself with gas station fare, why not plan ahead and keep things fresh? A cooler bag and a large ice pack is all you need to take Meal and a Jar with you on the road. Most motels and hotels and have mini-fridges, so you can take a few days worth of jars and easily keep them cool. And because you just need to shake and eat, you can even eat your jar in the car! Just don’t do it while driving.

Girls Weekend

Ahh, the girls weekend. You head out to a cottage or the spa with plans to relax, sleep in, and consume as much wine as a person reasonably can without doing their body harm. We get it; you need to let loose (in moderation, of course). But all of this relaxation and self-care is for naught if you fill your body with snack food all weekend. We’re not telling you to skip the wine (or even the dessert), but bringing along a stash of Meal in a Jar options will ensure that you get at least one good meal a day. Your body will thank you, and us, for the courtesy.

Business Trip

The best part about food during a business trip is that your boss is probably paying for it. That said, if you’re gone for more than a weekend, you’re going to get sick of fast food and sandwiches from the conference centre. By bringing a cooler with a few Meal in a Jar options, you’ll be able to stock your hotel fridge with easy lunch and dinner options that fit into a purse or briefcase. You’ll feel great and impress your colleagues with your expert biz-trip hacks. Give it a try!


Wait, what? WHO GOES CAMPING WITH SALAD? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. A cooler will keep your Meal in a Jar choices cool and fresh while you set up the tent. You can still cook hot dogs over the fire and eat s’mores all night long, but a healthy meal with keep your energy up and your taste buds happy. After all, you can only eat so many cans of beans.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve taken Meal in a Jar? Let us know in the comments!

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