Jar Hacks!

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and sometimes, you end up changing your schedule. It’s not a bad thing - life is better when you can go with the flow and enjoy! So what if you’ve got a bunch of Meal in a Jar options in your fridge, but then you end up grabbing lunch with your boss at a restaurant, or meeting a friend for dinner after work? Don’t let those delicious jars go to waste - reinvent them! These hacks are a great way to make use of jars you have on hand, whether it’s because you changed your plans or simply have an appetite for something different. Create your own Meal in a Jar hack, or try one of our favourites!

#1: The Soup Hack

There’s nothing like a hot mug of soup on a rainy day, and Meal in a Jar is a great starting point for some homemade goodness. Try adding beef broth to our Beef Teriyaki or Zucchini Beef Houdini jar (remove the spinach first, then chop and use as a garnish). You can keep it simple or add seasoning to suit your taste. The Black Bean Taco jar works well with vegetable or chicken broth - try adding a dash of chili powder or cayenne to amp up the flavour! Our Curry Chicken jar can be worked into a delicious, thick soup by adding veggie or chicken broth. Add a diced potato to create a hearty curried stew!

#2: The Stir Fry Hack

Our Veggie Showdown is the perfect base for just about any stir fry - just add the top half of the jar (above the quinoa) to a frying pan with some olive oil (add whatever other veggies you want!) and serve on top of the quinoa and beans from the lower half of the jar. You can add sauteed chicken or beef, top it with raw bean sprouts or keep it simple for an easy, five minute hot dish. Experiment with our other jars - they can all be used in part or as a whole for stir-fry!

#3: The Side Dish Hack

So you’ve got a delicious Meal in a Jar ready to go for dinner, and the doorbell rings. Suddenly, you’re serving dinner for two. What to do? Cook up a nice piece of fish, meat or tempeh and serve your jar as the side dish. Taste buds happy and problem solved!

#4: The Pasta Hack

If you’re feeling the urge to carbo-load, why not prepare some of your favourite whole wheat pasta and toss it with some olive oil and your favourite Meal in a Jar? Try using the What’s Shakin’ Bacon jar for a creamy pasta dish. You can use hot or cold pasta, depending on the type of meal you’re after. Both options are super tasty!

Share your jar hacks with us using the hashtag #mealinajarhacks - we’d love to see what you come up with!


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