Plan Ahead & Live Well

Wellness means so many things, and is important to all of us. Our physical health, our mental and emotional well-being, our behavioural habits and sleep patterns - they all add up and influence the quality of our lives. But life is busy, and it can be hard to prioritize self-care - especially if you have a demanding career, a young family, or personal obligations that keep you running in circles. At Meal in a Jar, we know how busy our customers are, and are dedicated to offering a nutritious, convenient meal option that contributes to their quality of life. Let’s look at ways to plan ahead, make time for yourself and live your best life.

#1: Give Yourself a Bedtime

If you’re in the habit of working hard and have trouble shutting off at night, give yourself a bedtime and stick to it. Whether it’s 10pm or midnight, find out how much sleep you need and set your phone to chime when it’s time to get ready for bed. You may feel silly at first, but once the habit takes shape, you’ll notice how good it feels to be rested each morning. Try it out!

#2: Work Hard, But Let Yourself Breathe

Scheduling downtime might sound like a crazy concept, but if you’re the type of person who works hard and never slows down, you may have to treat relaxation like a task. Make time to do something quiet, like read a book or take a walk. Grab coffee with a friend or by yourself, go to the gym, spend some time in the garden, take a nap - whatever makes you feel rejuvenated. Everyone needs different types of “me time”, but the bottom line is, we all need it. Discover what recharges your batteries and plan for it every week!

#3: Move Your Body

Sitting at a desk all day is hard, and if this is your life, you need to get moving. It’s good for your physical AND mental health - even short periods of movement will increase your mood and energy. Try taking a walk around the block at lunchtime, or climbing stairs in your office building for 10 minutes. Even just stretching for 5-10 minutes is beneficial. Find something that works for you, and put it on your calendar. It won’t take much time, but you’ll notice a difference.

#4: Make Time for Fun

Have you heard the term ‘work hard, play hard’? Well, we’re not suggesting you go on a bender every weekend to let off steam, but having fun IS important. Why not go out for dinner with friends, catch a movie or take in a concert? Join a rec sports league or take a weekly art class that interests you. Your life is busy, but finding an hour a week is doable when you make it a priority. Planned fun doesn’t sound exciting, but the point is, you’re making a point to have balance in your week.

#5: Eat Well

This one is obvious - especially coming from us - but it’s very important. Food is fuel for your body, and when you’re busy, you’re more likely to make poor choices like skipping meals or grabbing take out. Ordering a Meal in a Jar plan takes the hassle out of eating well. There’s no need to meal prep, it cuts down on your time spent grocery shopping and cooking, and it ensures you have a healthy, delicious meal on hand wherever you want to go. Take it to work or eat it at home after a long day - whatever works. Take a look at our weekly meal plans and discover how they can improve your quality of life (and free up time for all of the above).

Enjoy, and be well!

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