The Gift of Salad

As it turns CAN win friends with salad.

When you think about the perfect gift, do you ever think about salad? We’re going to wager that the answer is no, but seriously - let’s stop for a minute and give it some thought. Salad is amazing. It’s nutritious, versatile and delicious, and with Meal in a Jar, it’s insanely convenient. Maybe you’ve ordered our products for yourself or bought them in store, but have you ever considered giving them as a gift? It may seem unconventional, but trust us - there are times that call for something more practical than flowers. Here are a few ideas to get you started - your friends will thank you!

New Home

Maybe you want to send a housewarming gift, or you’re a realtor who knows how crazy moving is and wants to make life easier for your clients. Why send flowers or a fruit basket when you could gift them with a few days worth of healthy, delicious meals that require no prep and can be taken on the go? That’s a gift people will remember.

New Baby

Yes, baby clothes are tiny and adorable - we get it. But trust us, given the choice, most new parents would rather see you show up on their doorstep with food (or better yet, send delivery and visit them when the chaos dies down). Between all the diaper changes, feedings, late night rocking and attempted naps, new parents barely have time to shower, let alone prepare themselves a decent meal. Make their lives easier by skipping the baby blankets (they have dozens of those already) and sending real food.

Well Wishes

Meal in a Jar is the perfect gift to send to someone who is recovering from surgery or an illness, or busy supporting a loved one who is ill. It’s perfect for your friend who just had knee surgery, your other friend who is busy caring for an ill or aging parent, or those who just need a little extra support during a hard time. Sending a meal says, ‘I’m thinking about you and I care’. Flowers are pretty, but healthy food that’s there when they need it - that’s going the extra mile.

Student Life

If there’s one thing that’s certain about college and university students, it’s that they know how to take care of themselves...right? Not so much. If you’ve got a child, grandchild or friend away at school, there is no better gift than healthy, convenient meals that last up to a week in the fridge. Don’t let them live on fries from the student centre - send a veggie and protein-packed salad! It’s better fuel for their bodies, it’s easy to grab and go, and it will remind them of all those home cooked meals they’re missing (in a good way).

That card you were going to mail is really sweet, but the sweetest gift of all is a delicious, portable, ready-to-eat meal. And remember, as much as we love salad, we’re much more than a container of greens. Our meal options include hearty favourites like the Zucchini Beef Houdini, Veggie Showdown and Chicken Carnitas. There are hot and cold options as well as vegan, dairy-free, low carb and free of gluten jars - truly something for everyone. Check out our menu and our delivery/pick-up options, and get giving!

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