Eat Well, No Matter What

If you ask us who Meal in a Jar is made for, we could answer a few ways. We might say busy professionals with minimal free time, those who care about healthy eating, or any person who wants healthy, delicious food on the go. We might describe someone who hates cooking but loves good food, or someone wants the convenience of take-out without the grease and regret. We might just say ‘you’ - because really, our meals are for everyone. Seriously! We’ve designed our menu to work for anybody, regardless of lifestyle, food preferences or restrictions. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we do it.

For those with food allergies and intolerances

Our jars are made in a peanut and tree nut-free facility. We have non-dairy options for those with allergies or intolerances, and offer a selection of jars that are free of gluten. Try our tasty Balsamic Chicken Coleslaw, Beef Teriyaki or Lively Lemon Ginger options - they’re so good, you won’t feel like you’re eating around an allergy.

For those on specific eating plans

Eating Keto, Paleo, or following another specific dietary plan? There’s a good chance we’ve got a jar that fits your lifestyle. If you’re limiting dairy, increasing protein or avoiding carbs, try the Backyard BBQ with crunchy red cabbage and chipotle bbq sauce (low carb, no dairy) or Zucchini Beef Houdini jar (loads of veggies and protein, no dairy, low carb). Both of these are popular choices that work within many eating plans.

For vegans and vegetarians

No meat, no problem. Meal in a Jar offers plenty of options that are vegetarian (no meat) or completely vegan (no meat, no egg, no dairy products). The Moroccan Tagine packs a ton of flavour, and the No-Butter Chickpea has all the taste of an Indian classic with a vegetarian twist. The Veggie Showdown is a customer favourite, featuring fresh veggies over a bed of hearty quinoa. Are you hungry yet?

For those who just love food

So you can eat literally anything you want? That’s amazing - you have your pick of over 15 Meal in a Jar options to choose from. If you fall into this lucky category, variety is the way to go. Why not try the Sizzlin’ Steak Fajita or What’s Shakin Bacon jar? Everyone loves bacon, and it’s fun to say. The Tuna Antipasta is a creamy, tangy favourite packed with plenty of crunchy peppers and topped with fresh baby spinach.

One of the great things about our meals is that you’ll never get bored - with so much variety, you’re always able to eat well, no matter what. Take a look at our menu and discover something delicious that works for your life (and your tastebuds). Share your Meal in a Jar favourite in the comments - we’d love to hear what tops your list!

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