***king Doesn't Need to Be a Bad Word

Obviously, we are talking about cooking here. We get it, our message is always about skipping grocery shopping and skipping cooking blah blah blah. But sometimes you have to cook. If you dread cooking or always end up burning water when you try to boil it, no worries, we have your back. Cooking class is in session, Meal in a Jar Style. 

Festive Fajitas  

Grab yourself a Cowboy Casserole or Naked Beef Burrito jar and two fajita wraps. Shake up those jars and put the contents on the wraps.  If you want to know how to wrap a perfect fajita check out this tutorial Then pan fry your nicely wrapped fajita for 3 minutes per side on low/medium heat to give it a nice brown colour. Voila, it's fiesta time with Meal in a Jar.

Lazy Lasagna 

You'll need some shredded cheese of your choice, feta, oven-ready lasagna and 2 Zucchini Beef Houdini jars. Mix the two jars together in a bowl and then layer it with feta and shredded cheese. Then sprinkle some extra cheese on top for more cheesy goodness. Did we mention more cheese? Wrap the tray up with tin foil and slide that sucker in the oven for 40 min @ 400F. After 40 minutes, take the foil off and add more cheese. Pop it in for another 15 min. You'll make your Italian friends proud, just make sure not to overcook it or you might end up sleeping with the fishes. 

Basic Breakfast 

Are you in a pinch to make breakfast for yourself and the unexpected guest who spent the night? No worries, just scramble 3 eggs, add a Pulled Pork & Smashed potato jar, pour into a frying pan over medium heat and boom, breakfast is served. 

Unbelievable Udon

Boil some udon noodles in beef broth, then add a Beef Teriyaki jar and a boiled egg. Cook the egg to whatever yolk runniness you like. If you are curious as to how to do that check out this step-by-step guide 

We make it easy for you to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay. If you do end up making any of these, or something else yourself, be sure to let us know and send us a picture. The best part is all of our jars are already fully cooked, so you won't experience something like this...



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