How to Spice Up Your Holiday Party

The festivities are upon us! Which means you’re probably about to spend a ton of money buying holiday decor for all those Christmas parties you’re going to throw.

Now you have two options:

Option 1: Say, f$#% it, bite the bullet and spend money on buying said decor (hi Kim Kardashian), or...

Option 2: Spend some time with friends and family by creating DIY holiday decor!

How? Well, read below for some ideas! And don’t worry. We know that you don’t have hours to spend making paper mache ornaments. So we’ve curated a list of small DIY projects that’ll take you under 15 min to complete!


Sweet Cinnamon Candles


Add a little spice to your home by topping up your basic candles with cinnamon sticks. Pro-tip: If you don’t feel like painting with a brush, head over to the dollar store and find a gold paint spray can instead. Gold makes everything better. Or Silver. Whatever floats your boat.


Cupcakes for days


Everyone has some extra cupcake liners. Check out this tutorial on the 36th Avenue for cute Christmas trees that’ll add some holiday fun to your get-togethers. It’s your design, so feel free to use whatever liners you want!


Cute Dreidel Place Cards


Martha Stewart never fails to amaze me, for many reasons. If you celebrate Hanukkah, make your own mini dreidels! Go a step further and add the names of your guests to make them a bit more personalized :)

Our own DIY decor inspo

You’ll inevitably have those ornaments where you lose (or break) the hook and can’t attach it to the tree. Or maybe this is just me. But if this sounds like you, then don’t throw out those ornaments just yet! Fill up a glass bowl with those extra loose ornaments and now you have a beautiful centerpiece. Take it a notch further and add white tissue paper wrapping to the bottom to mimic snow.

And there you have it! These are just a few DIY ideas that you can try with your loved ones this holiday season. Although we’re near the end of 2017, Meal in a Jar still has some gifts up its sleeves, so make sure to keep an ear out for us! And remember, don't leave the house cleaning to the last minute. Else you'll look something like this,


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