Treat Your Team with Meal in a Jar

We all know that it’s good to #treatyoself once in awhile, whether that means buying a new outfit, splurging on concert tickets or doing something else that makes you feel good. Of course, you can treat yourself every day with Meal in a’s a delicious, healthy meal that you don’t have to prep or cook yourself. It’s super convenient, and eating them makes you feel great. How’s that for a treat?

But what if you want to spread the love to your colleagues? If you manage a team or own a small business, Meal in a Jar is the perfect way to show your appreciation for a job well done. There’s never a bad time to treat your team to an amazing Meal in a Jar lunch at the office, but here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started.

Staff Appreciation

Your team is awesome and you know it - so how do you say thanks? With free food, of course. Instead of ordering in pizza or heading over to the sketchy restaurant next door to your office, why not order a variety of Meal in a Jar options for staff to enjoy? You can make an event of it by providing drinks and dining together, or simply fill up the office fridge and tell your team to enjoy. They’ll thank you - and a happy team is a productive team!

Lunch & Learn Seminars

Instead of having your Lunch and Learn events catered, give them a modern, healthy twist by providing Meal in a Jar to all attendees. Try offering a few vegetarian jars (our Veggie Showdown is always a hit) plus some chicken and beef options. Make sure there are some dairy-free and free of gluten options, a few jugs of ice water with lemon, and a tray of cookies or other sweets to end the meal. You’ll be the most popular team in town!

Busy Season

If your staff are working long hours or tackling a hard project, they’ll appreciate a quick pick-me-up from Meal in a Jar. Surprise by them bringing in lunch as a thank you for their efforts. It’s a terrific morale booster that will make them feel valued and recognized, and you’ll be encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Win-win! Our Lively Lemon Ginger and Balsamic Chicken Coleslaw jars are always a safe bet, and everyone loves a good Taco Tuesday! (Bonus points if you serve it on an actual Tuesday).

Have you treated your team to Meal in a Jar? Let us know what was the most popular choice in your office or workspace!

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