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This week we had a guest blogger describe their experience with Meal in a Jar. Here is what Akshita had to say about our product on her blog, Cateyes and Chai . She's a lifestyle blogger based out of Toronto, be sure to go check out her blog.  


Happy Sunday lovelies! If you have had an eventful weekend and are currently deciding on meal prep options for the rest of the week, I might have some good news! After all, how many times are you sitting at work, or in school and wishing you had a prepared lunch waiting to be opened with just a little twist and a shake if I may add. Even though going out for a lunch break can be fun, now with everyone doing that almost all days of the week, it can get a little monotonous. After all there are only so many options near your place of work or school that you can try before you get tired of them.  


If you find yourself nodding, let me tell you right away, chances are you will enjoy this post. I was recently sent two items from a new startup company called Meal in a Jar and this can be a quick and healthy solution to all of the above problems. Follow me along this post as I shall share with you what my opinion was on both of the meal jars as well as the ingredients and a bit about the company, if you do want to check them out. 


Meal in a Jar offers meals which are fully balanced as they include your choice of protein, grains, 5g of fiber and at least two cups of veggies. Most of their ingredients are sourced from local farmers and the meats are hormone and anti-biotic free. There is also no reason to feel guilty after your hearty meal as all of their jars are below 600 calories. 


I was given the option of choosing any two jars of my choices which would then be delivered to me. To be completely honest I wasn't expecting many options when I headed over to their website but boy was I wrong! The jars are nicely divided into different categories such as Chicken, Beef/Pork, Vegetarian and Vegan to name a few. Each of these categories have about three to four options available under them so I can certainly say there is something for everybody.  


I chose Chicken Carnitas and Veggie Showdown to try as both of them sounded very different from one another with their own unique flavours and ingredients. Post the delivery, my first thought upon seeing the jars was that they looked fresh, healthy and quite appetizing. With the recent rise in people trying to eat healthier, it is important for all of us to know what exactly we are consuming. With Meal in a Jar, all of the ingredients are listed clearly and this includes even what the dressings are individually made up of. As you can see from the description below, the jars pack in a variety of flavours for your taste buds.  

C H I C K E N   C A R N I T A S

Ingredients: Chicken (chilli, cumin, oregano, rosemary, salt), Brown rice, Salsa (tomatoes, water, cider vinegar, tomato paste, onions, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, corn starch, evaporated cane juice, salt, spices, dehydrated garlic), Black turtle beans, Red Onion, Napa Cabbage, Sweet Bell Peppers, Red Cabbage, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes

 Calories: 310


V E G G I E   S H O W D O W N 

Ingredients: Quinoa, Black turtle beans, Sweet potato, Sweet bell peppers, Carrot, Vinaigrette (vinegar, sugar, tomato sauce, red peppers, onions, pickled peppers, sundried tomatoes (may contain sulphites), garlic, spices, herbs), Olive oil, Red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, Tomato paste, Salt, Spice, Spinach, Cherry tomato, Pumpkin seeds

Calories: 480 


With a little shake and a twist, I tried out both of my meals within a day. The chicken jar had to be heated which was mentioned on the jar, whereas the veggie option could be consumed directly. I felt that both of them were delicious as the flavours within each jar were well balanced together. Between the two if I had to choose my favourite, I would say I personally preferred the Chicken Carnitas a little more. Chicken and rice is my all-time favourite combination after all, so that’s definitely not a surprise. 


If you live in the Kitchener, Waterloo region or Cambridge and Guelph, I highly suggest you check out this company as you can also get free delivery on your meal plans until the end of October.  As for my Toronto people, though the delivery is temporarily suspended, they will be starting the service again in mid November. So do keep an eye out on their website if this is something you are curious to try out.


 I believe it's great for people who live a fast-paced life, are always on the go but still care about eating healthy. For more information on the price, different meal plans as well as the jar varieties, you can visit their official website by clicking here, or on any of the images within this post.  


Have a fabulous week ahead! 




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