Jar Spotlight: Bestsellers (and a team favourite!)

We have a pretty big menu - it’s true. We like to give the people what they want, and when it comes down to it, that means offering variety. Some of our customers are vegetarians, or follow a dairy-free or low-carb lifestyle. Others love meat or refuse to eat specific veggies (blasphemy, we tell you). No matter what you like to eat, we’ve got a jar for you - but sometimes, it’s hard to choose. Here is a rundown of our current bestsellers to inspire you - plus, a team favourite we know you’ll love!

Black Bean Taco

You’ve heard of Taco Tuesday, but around here, it’s Taco Any Day. It can even be Taco Everyday, if you want...we get it. It’s no surprise that this jar is a favourite with Meal in a Jar customers - it’s just the right amount of spice, flavour and crunch. The Black Bean Taco jar contains (you guessed it) black beans and flavourful veggies over brown rice, all topped with delicious napa cabbage. It’s tasty like a taco, but lighter feeling and full of healthy goodness. Enjoy!

Beef Teriyaki

Our Beef Teriyaki jar is unique in that it’s noodle-based. This meal is full of hearty vegetables and tender, teriyaki seasoned beef, topped with fresh spinach and served on a bed of rice noodles. It’s all the taste of take out in a healthy, convenient meal to go. Of course it’s a hit! This one makes a great dinner, and is extra amazing when served warm.

Lively Lemon Ginger

Even the name is delicious. Say it out loud - it’s magical. And guess what? It tastes even better. We understand why this one’s a bestseller - it’s packed with big ginger flavour and tangy citrus notes. This jar is full of veggies and millet, plus edamame, corn and crunchy sunflower seeds. You’ll feel like you’ve been at a health retreat after eating this one for lunch. Warning: it may inspire episodes of yoga, green smoothies, and feeling awesome.

Team Fave: No-Butter Chickpea

This vegetarian jar is a favourite with the Meal in a Jar team for many reasons. It’s got tasty chickpeas, a healthy, flavourful sauce that no one can resist, plus hearty potatoes, carrots and corn. It’s vegan-friendly and straight up delicious. We recommend trying this one on your next order!

What’s your favourite jar? Tell us in the comments - we’d love to hear your picks!

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How about a pasta salad or pasta primavera or even a mac an cheese?

Linda Jellison August 12, 2017

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