Eat Better: Instead of This...Try That

Sometimes, you crave a taco. We get it. Tacos are delicious, and they have their own day of the week. You can get them late at night, and they pair well with tequila or a beer. They remind of college and vacation, and taste of spicy perfection. But in terms of healthy food choices, tacos aren’t exactly top of the list. In fact, they don’t make the list at all.

Don’t be sad! There is hope for those who want a healthy lifestyle AND endless taco lunches. The same actually goes for many of the fast food meals you love. Whatever indulgence you’re craving, we’ve got a delicious jar that doubles as a smart choice. Here are some of our favourite healthy fast food swap-outs. Enjoy!

Tacos and more

In addition to our Taco Tuesday jar, we’ve got the Black Bean Taco and Chicken Carnitas jars - all amazing options. There’s even a Sizzlin’ Steak Fajita jar on the menu! Try them all and let us know which is your favourite.

Indian Food

If you like butter chicken, you’ll love the No Butter Chickpea and Curry Chicken jars. They’re hearty, flavourful, and a lot lighter than traditional Indian food takeaway. All the taste with none of the guilt - that’s something to feel good about.

Tuna Sub

Are you the person who brings tuna sandwiches to the office, or grabs a massive tuna sub and then regrets it when indigestion inevitably hits? Save yourself the pain and grab a healthy, tasty Tuna Antipasta Meal in a Jar. It’s got all the taste, way more fresh veggie crunch, and zero regret.

BBQ Lovers

Instead of going out for wings or a greasy pulled pork sandwich, grab a Backyard BBQ Meal in a Jar. It’s the perfect lunch or dinner, and will leave you more than satisfied. Food is fuel, and this is good stuff!

Asian Stirfry

You know when you’re at the mall and you pick that Japanese stir fry on rice because it seems like a healthy choice? Well...we think you know the truth. That pile of rice, sauce and fried meat is not exactly a nutritionist's dream. Instead, eat one of our Beef Teriyaki jars. It’s packed full of sirloin beef strips and fresh vegetables as well as yummy rice noodles. You’ll never look at mall food the same again.

What’s your favourite healthy treat? Tell us in the comments!

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